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The Australian Institute of Functional Analysis Body Psychotherapy 

Interactive online seminars with Will & Lilly Davis 

The founders of Functional Analysis-Body Psychotherapy 

Oct 20th & 27th 2021

Working Energetically in Verbal Therapy

How to Evaluate a therapeutic process using a Functional Model  

Beginning  in the POSSIBLE  future

Fully certified training in Functional Analysis

Conducted by Will Davis

The training is open to professionals working in the mental health field, such as psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, creative arts therapists  and social workers.

Based on the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich - the energetic qualities of the life force

Reich called the two parts of this coordinated energetic flow: expansion and contraction. We call this movement the “outstroke” and the “instroke” of the pulsation

Once the person has re-organised her relationship to herself, she can then re-organise her relationships to all others

Both our verbal and physical techniques are based on the principle of going below the defences, to the level before the creation of the problem itself

The Australian Institute of Functional Analysis – Body Psychotherapy was established in 2020 by Ermanno Bergami and Maria Sangiorgi two Melbourne based Functional Analysis Certified therapists 


Our Aim


To bring a much sought-after body-oriented approach to Australia. To enhance therapeutic intervention by bring back to psycotherapy the lost language of touch in a safe and ethical enviroment.

Our Mission

To provide continual professional development courses and a full training training program. 

Maria Sangiorgi

Maria is an accredited Dance Movement Therapsit & Functional Analysis Body centred Therpapist. She is an Artist, Performer, Humanitarian, Teacher, the creator of Dancing Isis Sacred Somatic Dance and Embodied Bellydance. Maria’s life work draws on the sacred, spiritual and healing path, combines her therapeutic skills and knowledge of Egyptian Dance, her competencies in Somatic Awareness, Authentic Movement, Alexander Technique, Continuum, Sacred Dance, metaphysical studies, other life skills & experiences that make up her unique & personal healing modality. She lives in Austalia where she has a private practice based at the Inner Movement Centre in Higgett, Victoria, where she works both face to face and online with individuals, couples and small groups. Maria also works in Italy, Japan & Bali.  www.dancemovementtherapy.com.au  wwwdancingisis.com www.embodiedbellydance.com 

Ermanno Bergami

Ermanno Bergami is a Clinical registered Body Psychotherapist, an Accredited Supervisor with PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) and a fully certified Functional Analyst.                                                                                                                    

Ermanno was born in Italy and has a Master degree in Human Sciences.  He was trained in England in Group Therapy and  Body-centered Psychotherapies.  The work originated from Wilhelm Reich and expanded by Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos . He also completed his training in Functional Analysis,  a contemporary  Reichian body-psychotherapy approach developed by Will Davis.                                      

Ermanno has lived and worked in various countries and continents . He started his private practice In London 40 years ago. He worked in UK, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Australia.   

He has lead thousands of therapy group workshops for individuals, team leaders  and organisations. He has devoted many years of his working life in deepening the relationship between traumas and addiction.                  

Together with colleagues  he has contributed to develop a new structured approach in Group Supervision called “Intervision” with a particular focus on burn-out, compassion-fatigue.

He remains passionate about researching and studying the function of the body,  energy and  consciousness.