Training in Functional Analysis Body-Psychotherapy


Functional Analysis Body-Psychotherapy responds to a growing need in all health professions who are seeking to further their skills and knowledge in Body based/Somatic practices. Functional Analysis is a comprehensive approach, that fulfils this need, linking together anatomy and psychotherapy, filling the gap between physical and talk therapies. 

The training is open to professionals who are already practicing in clinical and mental health fields such as: psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, social work, creative therapies and allied health professionals. 

The course is considered as a Specialist Training.                                                                           


Duration of the training : 3 years 

The course is in 2 parts:

First 2 years: Theoretical and Experiential learning

Third year:  Clinical Practice with clients and Supervision


Outline of the theoretical content of the first 2 years


Module I – The Instroke Process
Module II – The Ocular Segment
Module III – Touch: The Lost Language
Module IV – Verbal Techniques
Module V – Energy Concepts and their Relation to Therapy
Module VI – Connective Tissue: The Psychosomatic Matrix
Module VII – Non-verbal Communication
Module VIII – A New Paradigm for Early Disturbance and Trauma
Module IX – The Self to Self-relationship and the Endo Self
Module X – The Functional Model and its Relevance to therapy
Module XI – Working Safely with Trauma without the Drama
Module XII – Functional Criteria for Evaluating a therapeutic process


Structure of the training: 

First 2 years

12 Seminars : One full weekend every 2 months.

 Online lectures with Will and Lilly Davis.

Experiential application of the approach in presence in Melbourne.

Set written material will be assigned on each seminar.

Once a year : 5 day workshop in presence in Melbourne with the founders of  Functional Analysis, Will and Lilly Davis

Yearly learning hours:

112 hours of seminars and workshops

36 hours of self-study

18 hours peer-group*

6 hours of course tutor contact*

28 hours of written work*

* The peer-groups are composed of a maximum of 5 people .  The groups are experiential and reflective and will be structured according to the learning needs of the group. If possible the meetings are face-to-face otherwise they will be conducted via Zoom.

* Tutor contact. Tutoring is offered online as part of the full training participant’s support and feedback. Tutoring contact is not a replacement for personal therapy.

*Written work. The written work may take the form of an essay or a video on a topic relevant to the training or a piece of research on a particular interest relevant to the training. These assignments  will receive a formal assessment.

Total hours of the first 2 years:  400



Third year:

40 hours of face to face client-contact
42 hours of online supervision

Course Tutors:

Will Davis :

Lilly Davis:

Ermanno Bergami :  +61 414 866476

Maria Sangiorgi :     +61 419 523710

Course Administrator:

Maggie Bergami +61 425 701411


Training Fee:

Total cost of the 3 years training:  $15,000

Extra cost and requirements

Part of the requirement of the training is personal and professional development. As part of the first 2 years of training participants are required to undergo personal experiential sessions with a Functional Analysis Therapist for a total of 20 sessions p.a.



1. Applications are submitted through the website to

with attached documentation of qualifications.        

A non-refundable deposit of AUD $290 is required.

2. Prior to be accepted into the training, applicants will  be contacted for an online interview.   

3. Successful applicants will be notified via email.

4. The outstanding fee AUD $ 14,710  can be paid in 3 instalments. Applicants will be informed by the administrator regarding instalments dates.

5. The start of the training is scheduled to begin March 2023

 The course administrator reserves the right to defer the training if a minimum number of 10 participants is not reached. In which case, the paid-up payment of the training will be fully refunded.


For any question regarding the training’s structure, dates and finances please contact the training administrator:

Maggie Bergami +61 425 701411


For any enquiry regarding all the other aspects of the training,

you can contact the Australian tutors: 

Ermanno Bergami   +61 414 866 476

Maria Sangiorgi        +61 419 523 710