Functional Analysis Psychosomatic Psychotherapy Australia 

Training program

Level 1

Certificate of Participation in the Training

of basic Points & Position Touch-Technique 


  1. The Connective Tissues: The Matrix

  2. Physical Touch in Psychotherapy and the different types of tissues in the formation of characters 

  3. Working with the In-stroke

  4. Self to Self-relationship and the Endo-Self

  5. Energy concepts and working energetically in therapy

  6. Verbal work techniques

  7. A new Paradigm for early disturbance and trauma

  8. Functional Criteria to evaluate a therapeutic process


 New Points & Position will be taught and practised in each module

Level 2 – Intermediate

Practitioner Certificate in 

Points & Positions Touch-Technique 

 Additional Requirements:

  • 36 hours of supervision in group setting

  • 20 hours of individual Functional Analysis Psychosomatic Psychotherapy sessions. 

  • 40 hours of client contact within a structured session plan 

  • Assessment: analysis of a case presented by the trainers, in group setting

Level 3 – Advanced

Certificate of Functional Analysis Psychosomatic Psychotherapist


  1. The Ocular segment*

  2. 10. Evolution in Psychosomatic Psychotherapy *  

  3. 11.The Functional Model and its relevance to psychotherapy*

  4. 12. Non-verbal communication*

  5. 13. Working safely with trauma without the drama*

  6. 14. Review and integration of the physical and verbal techniques*. 

*each lecture will be followed by workshops with practical experience of the theme presented and review of the Points & Positions Touch-technique.


Additional requirements:

  • 40 hours of client contact 

  • 36 hours supervision ( 30 hours in a group setting and 6 hours individual, one-on-one)

  • 20 hours of individual sessions of Functional Analysis or 5 days Intensive in South of France at The institute of Functional Analysis Psychosomatic Psychotherapy

  • Final assessment in group setting



The full Training to qualify as a Functional Analysis Psychosomatic Psychotherapist is a 3-year course

Total hours of the training program: 444 hours

The Curriculum consists of 14 modules

270 hours (196 face to face) of seminars on theoretical framework and workshops on clinical application

128 hours of group practice* 

16 hours of tutor contact*

30 hours of written work 


* At least 2 group practice between each module. In the group, with the presence of one of the tutors, trainees will practice with each other and receive supportive and focused feedback on abilities and skills development.  

* Tutor contact. Tutoring assistance is offered online or in presence as part of the full trainees support system.Tutoring contact is not a replacement for personal therapy.

Course Tutors:


Will Davis :

 Ermanno Bergami : 0414 866476;

 Maria Sangiorgi :  0419 523710 ;

 Course Administrator: 

 Maggie Bergami : 0425 701411