Reich postulated that psyche and soma are not just in relationship with each other, but related to an underlying energetic process. This energetic matrix allows in the somatic realm the construction of a body and in the psychic realm the constitution of a mind. 

They are functionally identical. Together they form the self.

In verbal work it is important to listen to the narrative the patient tells, but in order to achieve real change we need to work with the dynamic – the energetic matrix – within the living process.

Verbal work is not just a mere logic assembly of symbols of reason and rational, it is much more a creative process. By mobilising the instroke, which brings us into being in the present moment state, we engage into a process of centring and reflection which allows deep awareness of ourselves.The therapist, himself engaged in this process, will be open and accepting and thus enabling the patient in a safe environment an in stroke field. Within this dynamic the “self comes to mind“. Former known, but unthought truth may be understood, integrated and assumed.

I will show how an energetic understanding of the human organism may overcome the body/mind split and how a different approach to listening to our patients may create states of coherence, well-being, responsibility and the power to act.