In presence, Introductory Workshop to the Training with founders Will & Lilly Davis in Melbourne October 2022

Functional Analysis Australia presents

3 day Theoretical & Experiential Workshop


October 28th – 30th  2022

Friday 28th, 6 – 10 pm

Saturday 29th,   11am – 7pm

Sunday 30th,  9.30 am  – 4.30 pm


Place: Melbourne (Venue to be confirmed)

Cost:  $650 AUS. 

Pay ASAP to reserve your place.

Registration ends the 14th of August.

The content of this Introductory Experiential & Theoretical workshop will focus on the concepts of Functional Analysis and its practical implementations.  


There will be individual and group demonstrations of the bodily and verbal techniques, with the intention of facilitating:


The theory behind the Functional Analysis techniques

The role of the Functional Analysis techniques - how they work

Similarities with other somatic therapies and what is unique to Functional Analysis

The role of Connective Tissue in character development and organisation of defenses

The primacy of the Self to Self-Relationship

The undamaged Endo-Self

The Ocular Segment work

The non-invasive Points&Positions touch method

The following week Will & Lilly Davis will be available for individual session and small  group session of 4 people.

By appointment only.


Fee reduction from Training 2023

If you attend the 3 day workshop and chose to participate in the 2023 training, you will have the $650 that you paid for this workshop deducted from the total cost to the training.

3 Day Workshop

Pay ASAP to reserve your place.  Registration ends the 14th of August.

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